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Feb 2002 update

Melbourne Film Festival

Bound for Pleasure has been selected for the 51st Melbourne International Film Festival which runs from July 23rd till August 11th 2002.
mff Melbourne Film Festival

July updates here

The director David Blyth will be attending the screening along with the narrator of the film Melbourne based Mistress J

Italian TV

28 Feb 2002 Electricsky our English distributors announced that Italy has bought Bound for Pleasure for Television broadcast.

Spanish TV

Bound for Pleasure European distributors, ElectricSky.com have made the first International Television sale to television in Spain.

International fame and fortune

Weird News : A friend just back from Bali recounts while sheltering from the heat in an air conditioned Video/music store discovered Red Blooded American Girl, a Vampire Thriller directed by David Blyth in the 90's, at number 3 in popularity in the stores rental charts, the two top spots were taken by bootlegged copies of Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter movie !!

Video Release

Vixen Video begins the official New Zealand video release of Bound for Pleasure on February 28th 2002. Interest in the video has already been strong.


Auckland's Metro Magazine's Felicity Ferrett has written a very entertaining and compliementary review of the premier and the "thrash" at the CKK club afterwards...Check it out in the February Metro issue..

NZ Television

Television Three have still not decided when they will screen the 45 minute version of the film on National Television they commissioned.

Music for Dungeons CD

Watch out for a hot new review of the BFP Film and the soundtrack ( Music for Dungeons ) in the next issue of the International Fetish Magazine SKIN TWO ( March )