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The term dominatrix became seared into the consciousness and vocabulary of New Zealanders after the infamous Peter Plumley Walker case. The latter's death some ten years ago, the result of a bondage and discipline session with an inexperienced dominatrix, made headlines. Ever since, the public have been fascinated with the world of domination and BDSM (bondage, discipline, and sado-masochism).

In this intimate and revealing documentary, six dominatrices give extraordinarily candid interviews about their work and demonstrate their craft.

Each dominatrix has her own style of operation Mistress J, an ex-University of Waikato professor acts as the films narrator, Mistress Sandy works alongside her son, Master Lance while Mistress Margaret has her very own lifestyle slave in Bruce. Their clients, be they slaves, submissives, pain sluts or fetishists, pay several hundred dollars for a session which typically takes place in a suburban bedroom.

Domination is a concept that doesn't fit as neatly into the sex industry umbrella as some may think and the women profiled here are keen to point out that they are not 'hookers with whips'. A genuine dominatrix does not in fact have sex with her clients.

What then is the appeal? Both dominatrix and client offer revealing opinions and insights the client usually anonymous behind a latex, leather or rubber mask.

Although we live in an increasingly liberated society, the world of domination is still a taboo for most people. Bound for Pleasure is as likely to shock and surprise viewers with the frankness and humanity of the interviewees as it is to make them wince at the obvious pain clients willingly endure for their own pleasure.

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