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Mistress Jasmyn's Review

Bound for Pleasure' is a realistic look at the professional Female Dominatrix in New Zealand. It is a frank and honest film about some of the 'woman' who make this professional choice, and the men/women who choses to see/serve them, and why. Mistress Jasmyn

The socially taboo subject of BDSM and Fetish is discussed and shown openly and graphically with a heavy focus on male servitude and Female Domination.

Blyth delves into the world of these people in a uniquely unobtrusive way that allows the viewer to be swept along with the story. He explores their individualism and what compels them to do what they do with a clarity rarely captured on screen.

That for the audience, the potentially offensive subject matter becomes secondary to the honesty and realism portrayed on screen is a credit to his craft. It's like Blyth removes the 'blindfold' and we see the Dominatrix as the slave sees Her. An intelligent, funny, passionate, compelling and powerful woman.

'Bound for Pleasure' gives Domination a human face that is rarely seen outside a dungeon.

"Mistress Jasmyn"