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Mistress Margaret by Raimund Lavender - Click for high quality

Mistress Margaret photographed by Raimund Lavender

Mistress Margaret and Slave

Mistress Margaret with Slave

Auckland Dominatrix Series
The Dominatrix in the Theatre of Fantasy

Unlike a stage actress portraying a character with prescribed lines, a dominatrix is an actress with authority to be creative.  I write the play, based on the client's ideas. I choose  appropriate words and actions and interact with my audience of one.

It is my work to bring the action alive, incorporating erotic key- words, theatrical movements and pace. I may construct a whole new act in the middle of a session in response to some insight. While few playwrights would appreciate such a liberty, my actions in a session are both pro-active and responsive. 

Other responsibilities in a session are safety, scene shifting, mood-creation and re-entry back to everyday life.  In a session my actions and language are congruent with my usual standards of  behaviour.  As a stage actress I could be called upon to say the most foul and demeaning lines. As a dominatrix however I will not shout or use abusive language.   

Dungeons: my view

As a dominatrix I fit into the sub-group of mummy-figure / aunty / strict disciplinarian. Aunty type sessions favour a domestic setting and rely on emotional and mental control as opposed to shackles. These sessions include visits to the headmistress's study, sex education by aunty and humiliating examinations by matron.  These are intimate role-plays involving little equipment. 

Although being a mummy figure is my primary role, I do have some clients who like the dungeon activities and atmosphere.

A dungeon setting removes the client from domestic reality. He may feel more vulnerable to the control of the mistress in an atmosphere of darkened mystery. Dungeon equipment, such as a wheel, rack or suspension equipment supplements the power of the dominatrix. 

I enjoy the play and reaction of men in both situations and having both types of facillities essential to my style of working.

I prefer the term domination/submission to BDSM. Under this rubric sessions can either be painful or painfree.

Mistress Margaret

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